8 Gifts for Your Young Writers in 2016

Earlier in the week, we shared some excellent holiday gifts with you for your young readers. Nonetheless, we can’t forget gifts related to writing too! After all, we are the Writing with Design team, and we love, love, love to help teachers create adept, confident writers in their classrooms. So for this holiday season, we have a few more gifts in mind, whether your students are refining their essay writing skills or they’ve fallen in love with poetry writing.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - It might sound a little old school, but fountain pens are the perfect gift for young writers. First, there’s the ever-popular bullet journaling, which lends itself to learning to use a fountain pen. But there’s also communities online centered all around this art. Plus, this fountain pen is known for being incredibly affordable and long-lasting.

Moleskine Classic Notebook -  But what’s writing without a classic notebook? While Moleskines aren’t known for having luxury writing paper or anything fancy like that, they remain a good travel companion for young writers. These hardbound ones sure can take a beating while you’re on the hunt for story ideas!

Novel Teas - Even though coffee might make a good gift for your older students, many young writers love a thoughtful mug of tea while they’re working. And these teas have literary quotes on each one! Totally inspiring.

The Storymatic - There’s several games out there like this one that can be helpful to young writers. Part game, but also part idea generator, the Storymatic is an interesting way to make writing prompts and get those writing juices flowing.

A Fidget Toy - Speaking of getting your pen moving, what writer hasn’t suffered from writer’s block? One idea that makes a fun gift is a fidget toy. Really, the idea is to have a “nonsense”-inspired toy that lets a young writer zone out, but refocus.

A Subscription to Audible - At Writing with Design, we’re firm believers that reading and writing go hand-in-hand. So of course, a subscription to the huge audiobook site Audible will help your young writer devour even more books.

A Laptop Bag - While some of our other writing gifts were kind of old school, this one is all about the 21st Century. For many writers, the creative process is all about going digital. What better way to make sure they have all their other gear and their laptop than with this laptop bag?

A Book on the Craft of Writing - Just about every seasoned writer has that one book, that book about the craft itself, that helped them navigate the difficult experience of writing. In fact, you can get a couple of these to make sure that your young writer finds one they completely love!

After all, we are the Writing with Design team, and we love, love, love to help teachers create adept, confident writers in their classrooms.

What better gift is there than the power of writing? Writing with Design can help you give it to them! Schedule a chat with us!