A Talented Young Writer's Story, WWD Student Guest Blogger Series

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At Writing with Design, we support many teachers and students throughout the country in creating a culture of writing at their schools. And really, each of these young writers has their own unique story to tell about their writing journey. Not only are they all from different backgrounds, they also have passionate opinions, compelling arguments, and original ideas.

So with that in mind, here at WWD, we're bringing you a new monthly series featuring a guest blogger. But these aren't just any guest bloggers... they're real students writing in classrooms all over the United States. And best of all, the Writing with Design team is right there alongside them, supporting their personal journey in becoming talented young writers with something to say. Without further ado... here's Carter Albrecht, a brilliant young student writer from Ms. Pomaville's class at Pinconning High School. 

Sharing a Story About Becoming a Young Writer by Carter Albrecht

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 Writing is an invaluable skill that is not only enjoyable, but empowering, and advancing such a skill is very rewarding. Teachers, contests, and my improved personal work ethic and ability to think freely has aided me in my journey of becoming a young writer. 

 In my beginning years of high school, I did not enjoy writing like I do now. I found that the vast majority of my written assignments were to analyse works of literature and write about the work of other people. Although these types of writings are important, I found that they more or less told you how to think and write rather than allow an individual to share personal experiences and opinions. I began to find myself in a “copy and paste” pattern as I wrote these analyses, seemingly setting up each writing the same and cloning ideas and sentence structures. It was not until my junior and senior year that I began receiving writing assignments that allowed me to speak my mind and share my personal point of view on specific topics. This new found freedom allowed me to excel as a writer as I found immense joy in sharing my thoughts. My teacher, Ms. Pomaville, and the Writing with Design monthly contests helped me broaden my skills as a writer through allowing me to express my individualized point of view. Through WWD, I had the opportunity to write my own scary story, talk about hot button issues, and come up with an original business plan.  

An unrestricted style of writing is what I strive to excel at, and it's the main reason I fell in love with writing in the first place. I am excited to keep developing my skills and share my personal opinions at the college level next fall.