Back to School Tips for ELA Teachers, From WWD!

Back to School ELA Teachers - Writing with Design.jpg

Even if you’re a seasoned teacher, you may experience a little stress when it comes to back to school time. After all, it’s not just about getting back into the swing of things. There's also a lot to take care of in such a short amount of time!

In reality, you may also be dealing with a totally new classroom or maybe even a new school. But not to worry, because your good friends at Writing with Design have a handful of tips to help your back to school time go smoothly!

  • Make time to sit with each student. This can help you truly connect with each of them, learning about the challenges they’re facing, but also their passions.
  • Start relationship building with parents and fellow teachers now. Like RIGHT NOW! Emails, phone calls, newsletters. You name it, and it likely opens the lines of communication.
  • Imagine how awesome it will be to spread a culture of writing throughout your school. Every time you inspire one of your young writers to tell a story, debate a point, or convey a fact, you’re creating the spark. And we have a ton of resources at WWD just for this mission!