Helping Your Students Avoid “Big Blobs of Writing”

How to Teach Writing with Paragraphs - Writing with Design

Today, let’s talk about paragraph breaks. When you’re an educator and you teach writing, you’ll find that students often turn in what we call “big blobs of writing.” There might be plenty of words in that essay, but there isn’t a paragraph break anywhere to be found!

But often, students merely need to be shown how a paragraph can add a massive amount of clarity for a reader, guiding them through the ideas and arguments. Teach your students that paragraphs change when they get to a new part of the structure of their writing or a new main idea is introduced.

And when your students use Writing with Design’s Mind Designs, they know exactly where to break their paragraphs because each box or section represents a new paragraph. It’s that simple! This allows them to learn not only when to break for paragraphs but also why to break so that you never have to read another big blob of writing again!

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