Is It About Time to Hit "Undo " in Your Writing Class? 

Hit Undo - Writing with Design.jpg

The pen. The movable type printing press. The "undo" button. Although you might not expect to see the "undo" button in a list of writing's greatest inventions, it has its place.  Sure... without the computer, there wouldn't be this commonly known feature, but this little button has done so much to change how quickly and easily we can compose, edit, re-mix, and even start again with the art of writing. 

Could this simple yet monumental concept also apply to your writing class, not just in it? Too often, we might get stuck when it comes to teaching. At least you might feel stuck sometimes. Or frustrated. Or overwhelmed. Or... any number of feelings. But why not hit "undo" a few times? 

Its sounds somewhat silly, but the metaphor is apt... when we rollback a change or two we've made in the past few years, it can let us see possibilities we may have skipped over. Or a path that's even better.  Just like writing can be a messy process, so too is teaching the art of writing, at least on occasion. That's why it's essential to use our greatest tools while we do it! 

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