Lets Step Out of the Box, WWD Student Guest Blogger Series

Thinking outside the box by LPHR Group - Writing with Design

As we get ready for summertime, you're probably whittling away those last days in your classroom. And you're likely also looking back on what's worked and what can be improved on for next year. Well, for our continuing WWD student guest blogger series, we're bringing you 12th grader Morgan Bauer to give you a personal experience as a young student writer & a Writing with Design enthusiast. 

Let's Step Out of the Box by Morgan Bauer

In my writing journey, there has been one thing that has held me back... restrictions. For myself, being told exactly how I had to structure, map, and plan a story or essay drove me crazy. When I was handed a map and told I had to have exactly three ideas, with three certain words, I automatically knew I was put in a box.

It was not until this year that my teacher Ms. Pomaville broke out of the box and taught me ideas that helped my writing process, such as free writing and lists. I believe that if I would have been taught these unique ideas before I was a senior in high school, my writing could have excelled even more. 

So ultimately, I would advise teachers to give your students freedom to chose how they will brainstorm (since not every kid thinks the same way). I know you'll be amazed by how this one simple trick will allow your students to excel.

I do believe that chats are also helpful, but let them choose what type and how many bubbles to use or branches in a tree when they're planning their writing. Just stepping out of the normal box causes students to have to think: How do I learn? What will help me in the world?

Next fall, when I begin college, I will not have to go through a trial and error of what works for me, because one of my teachers stepped outside the box, so I can now excel all on my own.