More Back to School Tips for ELA Teachers!

Tips for ELA Teachers - Writing with Design.jpg

During back to school time, you’re probably always on a quest to find tips and tricks for ELA teachers. And it probably goes without saying that there can be many different factors during each new school year. You might be dealing with a new class or a new school. Of course, you’re probably dealing with plenty of new students! Recently, we had tips just for you ELA teachers, and now, we’re bringing you a few more!

  • Fall back on your established lesson plans. Even if your school year has started, it’s not too late to get organized. Taking a day or a weekend to make sure all your old plans are in one spot is a huge help.
  • Gather up new lesson plans. Then get lesson plan hunting! Once you have all your established plans in one spot, you can start adding resources to them. And we have a ton of them at Writing with Design!

  • Spread a culture of writing. And finally, when you’re all set with your lesson plans, this one is a must-do tip for ELA teachers. By sharing your lessons, experience, and more with your fellow ELA teachers, you’re helping to inspire an entire writing revolution at your school.

But we want to hear your best ELA teacher tips for the new year. What do you do to make sure your year will go smoothly?