Tips on How to Hold a Rapid-fire Brainstorming Session in Your Writing Class

Brainstorming Sessions in Your Writing Class - Writing with Design

For our recent Writing Tip Tuesday, we highlighted the importance of using rapid-fire, speak-aloud brainstorming sessions. Not only can you get some exciting buzz going in your class, you’re also helping your students explore ideas together. The best part is that you’re also tallying a list of possible essay choices for them, which we’ve already seen how those can be a powerful tool in your writing class. Of course, the Writing with Design team also wanted to hand you off some surefire tips for conducting those brainstorming sessions. This way, you’ll be able to motivate your students without having it descend into chaos!

  • Grab an online timer or app to keep your session focused
  • Choose a topic area you’re familiar with & one that your students might be interested in
  • Have a few questions you might ask to get things started
  • Use a circle or small groups to help ensure every student’s voice is heard
  • Remember to be patient, because often, with a lot of energy comes some noise
  • Appoint 2 writers if you’re brainstorming as a class or 1 per group if you’re using groups
  • Pull students into the spotlight to expound upon or build upon an idea
  • Have your class rank all the ideas that are collected and take a group vote
  • Select 2 or 3 of the ideas as your choices for the next essay assignment
The best part is that you’re also tallying a list of possible essay choices for them

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