Why Do Our Mind Designs Work So Well in Your Classroom?

WWD Mind Designs - Writing with Design.jpg

Recently, we saw how stopping your students from writing, at least as a first step, can benefit them as writers. But why do Mind Designs work so well from the beginning?

Take a moment to create a Mind Design for yourself. That’s right, even teachers can create Mind Designs when writing! You know what you want to write, correct? Your creative juices are flowing, you’re thinking about your topic, and you’re exploring the possibilities.

Doesn’t that feel pretty amazing? You’re in the process of harnessing all this energy by critically organizing all these phenomenal ideas. How do you want to lead off your essay? Will all the subsequent parts follow each other coherently and in the proper order? These are the questions that your students are asking as they use our Mind Designs.

Then, when you have the form fleshed out, your students are ready to fill it with that interesting content that’s been brewing all along. This leads to a much more balanced approach that fosters strong young writers who present strong essays and writing pieces. And of course outstanding writers, like any genius in any field, think before they act, and Mind Designs are the perfect tool for making this happen.

Are you curious about what Mind Designs can do in your classroom? Get in touch with our staff!