Why #writeiwrite is So Important

#whyiwrite - Writing with Design.PNG

Recently, at the Writing with Design blog, we’ve been talking a good deal about purpose and writing. We even highlighted the awesome theme for this year’s National Day on Writing, #whyiwrite. And really, this hashtag highlights 2 immensely powerful ideas worth bringing into your class.

Meta-writing with #whyiwrite

Writing about writing… it gives your students the opportunity to more formally put down on paper their thoughts about this age-old art. There’s even tons of literature written in the past 100 years that explores this technique. In reality, it helps them being to process the process itself in an insightful way.

Purpose as motivation

Another elusive writing piece that you’re may be looking for in your class is motivation. And with #whyiwrite, you can tap into it! By telling the world what’s important to them in writing, your students will discover what can drive them to write even more. And we always love that!