WWD Tips & Tricks: The Omission of Your Mission

Classroom Mission by Paradise Nazarene - Writing with Design.jpg

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Think about it a second: What’s the purpose of your writing class? It’s not a question we get asked every day. And yet, the answer can have consequences that reverberate through the lives of our students.

Now if you said, “writing,” consider how you would respond if you asked one of your students what their purpose was in coming to your class. What if they said, “to learn?” While that answer might be perfectly true, there’s something so much broader and more meaningful going on.

And the fact of the matter is that your purpose—your classroom mission—shouldn’t be missing. It should be shouted from the rooftops and proclaimed for all to hear. It should change from year to year and be created with your individual students in mind. It should also reflect how you want to grow as a teacher and in which direction.

What might your mission look like? While we can’t tell you your mission, we can give you a few ideas.

  • To explore traditional forms of writing alongside 21st century digital communication.
  •  To combine project-based learning & literature as your students write about it all.
  • To teach unconventional ways of thinking, while giving each student a spotlight for their voice.
  •  Or all of these!

Really though, the tip here is: don’t keep your mission a secret!