Write it!

Students, impress us with your creativity and writing skills! Compose a response to your grade's writing prompt.



Collect it!

Teachers, gather your students’ writing entries by the deadline, which is always the 25th the month.



Save it!

Save the files in PDF format.
If you need a hand, give us a shout.

Please note: we only accept entries in pdf format. Should you submit files in any other format, we'll send you a reminder asking you to re-submit the files in the correct PDF format.



Share it!

Upload your students' entries here, email to contests@writingwithdesign.com or share them via Facebook direct message.


Using google docs?

Share a permission link (view only) with us at contests@writingwithdesign.com


Win it!

 Check us out on Facebook and Twitter on the last day of the month to see the contest winners! We'll email the teachers of the winning entries, too.