I just had to tell you that one of my most reluctant writers, who would not write anything at the beginning of the year, was the first to bring his writing up to me today. As I read it, I wanted to cry!! I love Writing with Design! It is so much easier and so much more effective than how I used to teach writing! I am starting another writing type on Monday. I can’t wait and neither can my class!
— Mrs. Waggoner, 9th grade teacher

Thanks so much for all the feedback on my students’ writing! I am so proud of how they are doing with WWD-inspired activities! Their whole attitude has changed. They are feeling more intelligent. The rich language that is being built inspires all of us to do better, to work harder. I had a student today tell me that he feels BRILLIANT! I told him that made me feel PHENOMENAL! Thank you for helping me build confidence not only in my students, but in myself also.
— Mrs. Smith, 5th grade teacher

One fourth grade class. Six weeks. Impressive results.

How Michigan fourth grade teacher Holly Fouchia's use of Writing with Design translated into a 44% gain on the state writing test.

"At the beginning of the year, my students' papers often went drastically off topic, and the quality of their writing was below grade level. The rubrics helped them learn how to write quality sentences, and even a full page, focused on a single topic.” 

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“After day 2 of the Common Core ELA test, all I can say is ‘THANK YOU!’ Our Writing with Design trainings and materials are spot on, which made this assessment doable for both the students and teachers. Your guidance and model lessons made this shift in our teaching manageable and dare I say fun and easy?! The students were so comfortable taking the test because the question types and delivery was familiar to them. Thank you for all you do for us as a district!”
— Ms. Ramsay, 3rd grade teacher

A Year in One Teacher's Life: the Power of Writing with Design

At her school, Stephanie Plescher does more than teach second grade. She inspires her students; she transforms their lives.

How? She teaches them to write using Writing with Design.

Teaching in an urban school where many students deal with difficult, stressful home lives, makes for a challenging experience in the classroom. As Steph puts it, "Students struggle with wanting to be in school and learn. They have a tough time thinking beyond today. All this and they're just 7 and 8."

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WWD trainers have such beautiful spirits and I am so grateful to be one of the recipients of your rich and inspiring workshops. Your approach to writing will make a writer out of anyone!
— Mrs. Brekenridge, ELA Coach

Today’s lesson involved examining different sediments and describing them. Using the resources you gave us from our last writing session, I guided students as they “threw out” the word “small” and replaced it with “microscopic, minuscule, and diminutive”! Next, I had them use a Comparison Design to compare two of the four sediments that we studied. I’m so excited about how easy it has been to incorporate Mind Designs and writing into Science! Incorporating Writing with Design has actually made planning this rock unit fun for me. I feel so prepared for Common Core!
— Mr. Stanley, 6th grade teacher