Writing with Design is a revolutionary approach to writing, designed by teachers for teachers. We believe that powerful resources, stellar trainings, and meaningful feedback allow teachers to confidently teach writing in any subject.


Our Philosophy

It's simple: Every student is a writer. All teachers can incorporate relevant writing across the curriculum. Writing is an essential college and career skill.

Our method

100% aligned with writing and language standards, we teach how to write high-quality sentences and paragraphs.

Our approach

We are committed to changing ideas about writing by teaching the how and why of writing in all subjects and grade levels.


Our team


Amber Parks

Founder & Lead Consultant

Amber is a teacher on a mission. She taught in Spain, South Africa, Mississippi, and Oklahoma after attending college completely on scholarships won through essay competitions. She loves sparkling water with lots of lime slices and all of Patricia Polacco's stories.

Ina Corver

Graphic Designer

Kit Williams