Writing with Design is committed to:

100% Alignment to Common Core and State Standards

As the only preK-12 writing program, Writing with Design addresses 100% of the writing and language standards found in the Common Core and individual state's standards. We also address many additional literacy standards because of our focus on text-based writing prompts and activities. Our material has been piloted, refined, and enhanced to exceed the requirements of national and state standards and next generation assessments. From the writing prompts to the rubrics to the Skill Focus Activities, every aspect of Writing with Design focuses on the Core and next generation expectations of student writers.

Teaching the How and Why of Writing

We focus on what matters: the developmental progression of writing skills, the quality of content, and cultivating higher level thinking and creativity of student writers. 

Our professional development workshops are collaborative sessions that cultivate teachers’ skills through applicable activities they can utilize right away in their classrooms.

Through Writing with Design, every teacher becomes a confident teacher of writing by gaining knowledge and skills during workshops and follow-ups and utilizing the manual and online resources Writing with Design provides. 

Teachers receive support 24/7 from our Lead Teachers and web-based software. 

Changing Ideas about Writing

Our motivating method and phenomenal resources help transform even the most reluctant students into confident writers and the most skeptical teachers to see the value of integrating writing into their classes. Writing with Design equips teachers with the most comprehensive guide on writing and superb resources to make writing a valuable, relevant, and doable addition to any curriculum and class.

We provide comprehensive resources so teachers feel equipped to teach and evaluate writing and students understand the style and structure of the specific types of writing.

Through Writing with Design's focus on the steps, structures, and styles of writing, students learn how to compose beautiful stories, impressive reports, and convincing arguments.