At writing with design WE BELIEVE...

Every Student is a Writer

Whether students are 5 or 15, our approach lets teachers meet every student where they are and grow their writing skills to extraordinary levels. 

Writing with Design guides writers of any age from one sentence to a multi-paragraph piece of writing in all three major domains of writing: opinion/ argumentative, informational, and narrative, along with the many types of each major domain (how to, persuasive, response to literature, etc.) Through our focus on quality, students learn what it takes to write with sophistication and voice. With our resources, students know where to go to plan, produce, and polish impressive pieces of writing.

The steps, structures, and stylistic components of Writing with Design give teachers and students a common language for writing. 

All Teachers Can Incorporate Relevant Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing with Design provides the resources for teachers to incorporate purposeful writing into every subject so they can rest assured they are teaching all Common Core and state level writing and language standards.

With Common Core and new state standards' focus on writing across the curriculum, every teacher is now a writing teacher.  We make it practical to incorporate meaningful and doable writing into every class, anytime. Our workshops, resources, and follow-up support teachers as they design and integrate meaningful writing across the curriculum. From our ready-to-use example lessons to feedback on activities to model lessons, we work with schools to cultivate a strong writing culture that lasts and lasts. 

Powerful Resources and Stellar Trainings Allow Teachers to Confidently Teach Writing

No other program supports teachers with as many ready-to-use and purposeful writing activities as Writing with Design. 

A comprehensive teacher guide + a constantly growing online bank of resources + revolutionary rubric software + amazing student materials = everything teachers need to effectively teach and incorporate writing in their content areas, from introducing a writing prompt to honing specific stylistic skills.

Meaningful Feedback Transforms Instruction and Celebrates Growth 

Ongoing web and site-based follow-up provides the support to make teaching writing enjoyable and purposeful. 

Plus, we let teachers know how students are performing once a month through formal writing feedback from skilled writing analysts on our writing rubric software, allowing teachers to see student progress in real time. Since common rubrics are used to assess writing in every class, expectations remain high each time students write. 

So, as test scores rise (and oh will they ever!), every teacher can celebrate their role in making the growth happen. In fact, every school that has implemented Writing with Design has seen double-digit gains on state and national assessments.

No skill is more complex or important as writing

And nothing prepares preK-12th grade students
for writing across the curriculum, assessment writing, and most importantly, life long writing like Writing with Design.