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A Revolutionary Approach to Writing for PreK-12th Grade Students

writing with design was made by teachers for teachers.


program implementation

You'll find that our program cultivates writing skill sets systematically, building success upon success. You'll love how Writing with Design makes writing relevant and doable in every classroom, every day. 

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Strategy Session

An hour-long conversation about your school's writing goals and how Writing with Design can help you meet and exceed expectations.


Resources and Materials for Teachers

Purchase a set of manuals for each teacher and multiple student guides for each class.


Professional Development

Sessions with teachers are integral to the successful implementation of Writing with Design. Whether they're full-day, half-day, or mini sessions, we meet with teachers regularly to share material, analyze student writings, and support them as they infuse writing across the curriculum.


Classroom Lesson Model

Our Lead Teachers demonstrate Writing with Design lessons and activities with your curriculum and your students. Getting to see Writing with Design in action is a wonderful way to both preview what WWD has to offer and support implementation.


Curriculum Integration

Teachers implement the Writing with Design system in their classroom, across the curriculum, with ongoing support from the WWD team.


—National Commission on Writing


Services & Resources for Implementation

Writing with Design is most successfully implemented as a school-wide or district-wide writing initiative. We work closely with every school and district to customize and individualize an implementation plan that meets the goals of each school or district’s improvement plan. 

We also welcome inquiries from teachers who want to pilot Writing with Design in their classrooms.


Professional Development Sessions

Sessions include workshops, model lessons in classrooms, and grade level or department sessions led by one of our dynamic consultants.

Teachers always leave the sessions with ready-to-use materials that make writing relevant and doable in their classrooms.


On-site | $3,000/day

  • Up to 25 teachers

  • Flexible session options

  • Excl. airfare

Video-Based | $2100/day

  • 6-hour training bundle

  • Up to 8 teachers per session

  • Follow up to on-site training

Resources and Materials for Teachers


Teacher Guide Set | $500

  • A set of 4 binders that provides comprehensive resources covering 33 types of writing.

  • Provides the step by step process to empower teachers to confidently teach and evaluate student writing.

  • Aligned to the writing expectations of Ivy League colleges.


Teacher Guide Set without Narrative | $380

  • Same as the Teacher Guide Set, without Narrative


Teacher Guide Set & Software Subscription Bundle | $640

  • A set of 4 binders that provides comprehensive resources covering 33 types of writing.

  • A full year of access to our ever-growing library of cross-curricular, multi-media, and theme-based writing prompts.


Teacher Guide Set & Software Subscription Bundle - without Narrative| $560

 Same as the Teacher Guide Set & Software Subscription Bundle, without Narrative


Annual Software Subscription Renewal | $340

  • Supports teachers by providing access to additional writing prompts and Skill Focus Activities to continually scaffold student writing.

Mind Designs Poster Set | $85

  • Large 16x20 in. posters that showcase the ten structures of thought processes used to organize writing.

  • Set includes a poster for each thought process.

Writing Level Posters | $85

  • Large 16x20 in. posters that showcase the 10 levels for each domain of writing.

  • A quick resource for students to reference in the classroom while working on a writing.

Resources and Materials for Students

The only writing resource students need to gain confidence and independence as they impressively grow their writing skills.


Student Writer Resource Guides

PreK-1st Grade | $36

2nd-4th Grade | $42

5th-8th Grade | $48

9-12th Grade | $56

  • Focuses on all aspects of writing, including spelling, grammar, word choice, openings, closings, and even drawing for the youngest writers.

  • Intended for individual student use across all departments.

  • Includes access to the online version of the writer’s guides when class sets are purchased for an entire school.

  • Available in sets of 10, 20, and 30+ at a discounted rate.


Annual Access to Online Student Writer Resource Guides

Per student in 2nd-4th grade | $12

Per student in 5th-8th grade | $18

Per student in 9th-12th grade | $24

  • Online version of the printed resources.

  • Supports students as they grow as writers by providing online access to the writer’s guides they know and love, to cultivate strong writing samples.

Writing Scoring Service

The Writing with Design Assessments, administered each trimester, provide timely diagnostic and holistic data about students’ writing performance.

Within a matter of days, teachers and principals can access the results through the Writing Rubric Software to celebrate growth and pinpoint areas of future instruction.


Up to 9 writing assessments | ±$12 per student per year

K-2nd grade students | $3.00 per writing

3rd-5th grade students | $4.50 per writing

6th-12th grade students | $5.60 per writing

  • Writing prompts are provided once per month.

  • K-2nd grade students complete writings on paper, which we upload into the software.

  • 3rd-12th grade students login to WWD’s website to securely submit writing samples digitally.

  • Rubric results are provided within 7 days (excl. shipping & uploading for K-2nd grade).

  • Detailed reports provide holistic data to help teachers pinpoint areas of focus both across and within grade levels and departments.

Overview of WWD
Writing Scoring Service Cost

Overview of WWD Writing Scoring Service Cost

Get comprehensive details on our services and resources.

Find out how other schools have funded Writing with Design


Need more details?

We collaborated with educators just like you to find a method that motivates and delivers.

Writing with Design by the numbers



Detailed writing types teach the steps, structures, and stylistic components of all writing types found in the 3 domains.



Comprehensive scoring criteria address conventions and content to make revision and future instruction purposeful.


Ten levels of writing guide your students from one-sentence responses to multi-paragraph essays.


Our Mind Designs support your students in planning any length and type of writing.


By gradually increasing your students’ autonomy as writers through three stages of instruction, you’ll know they have the skills to compose with quality.


Our three-tier growth system scaffolds students’ growth with specialized resources that advance with them


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