Amber Parks

Founder and Lead Consultant

Taught in Spain, South Africa, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. Learned the power of writing when she attended college completely on scholarships won through essay competitions. Loves sparkling water with lots of lemon slices and all of Patricia Polacco's stories.


Stephanie Plescher

Lead Teacher and Curriculum Developer

Wins the award for Most Positive Teacher in the Universe. Ever. Drinks an impressive amount of coffee daily. Cherishes the opportunity to work with teachers because they have such an impact on the trajectory of their students' lives.


Kendra Adrian

Lead Teacher and Curriculum Developer

Transforms young budding writers into blooming authors. Played basketball at Michigan State University. Has a soft spot for strong adjectives because they make writing so vivid and beautiful!


Ina Corver

Keynote Ninja | Graphic Design

Creates the most magnificent resources and presentations from our rough sketches and scribbles. Has the most beautiful accent. (She's from South Africa!) Is a great mama to Wilkes and Molena, rescue pups.


Writing Analysts Team

Composed of professional writers, former and current teachers, and even nurses passionate about writing. Span coast to coast and know our rubrics inside and out. Loved by teachers for their unbiased analysis, which provides an outside perspective on the growing skills of their students and pinpoints areas to focus instruction.