Revolutionary Approach

  • Focuses on the 3 S’s of writing: steps, structures, and style.
  • Guides writers of any age from a one sentence response to a multi-paragraph essay in all three major domains of writing.
  • Cultivates higher level thinking, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Builds quality before quantity so student writing is always worth the time.

Common Core Aligned

  • Teaches 100% of the Writing and Language Common Core Standards.
  • Addresses many of the other Literacy Standards through our units and lessons.
  • Notably the only K-12th grade Common Core aligned writing program.

Superior Research and Development

  • Developed alongside Common Core.
  • Built upon evidence-based methods and best practices.
  • Provides powerful feedback through diagnostic rubrics.
  • Offers constantly upgraded and enhanced resources.

Comprehensive and Complete

  • One manual. One website. Everything you need to teach every type of writing.

Seamless Integration

  • Makes writing relevant and doable.
  • Brings meaningful writing into every classroom.
  • Gradually increases students’ autonomy of their writings.

Shared Success

  • Celebrates every teacher's role in making growth happen as test scores rise (and oh will they ever!).
  • Leads to double-digit gains on state and national assessments after the first year of implementation.

Tremendously Empowering

  • Improves students’ writing skills and confidence across all content areas.
  • Inspires teachers to create writing activities across the curriculum.
  • Builds a school wide culture that cultivates articulate, adept, analytical writers in every classroom.

Nothing else prepares preK-12th grade students
for writing across the curriculum, assessment writing,
and most importantly, life long writing like
Writing with Design.