What’s attached to your brain? A Shortlist

First, of course, you have your mouth. This one is probably pretty obvious, but we’ll see how it can lead to a bigger insight. Second, you also have your fingers. Amazingly enough, some research has even shown that when you grasp a pen or pencil, your body begins to interpret it as a part of your physical body in a way.

Yet, the most powerful thing attached to our brains? Our creativity. Now, you might wonder how creativity itself is attached to our brains. Think about it for a second: with our mouths, we can debate with our friends passionately about one of our ideas. We can also graciously thank someone for being part of our lives. We can even sing a song.

And with our pens and pencils, we can pour out words onto paper. We can also argue a point with wit and style, tell a story about a journey through space, or any number of other creative ideas. Our creativity isn’t just an abstract idea… it’s part of the fabric of our very world.

Brain, mouth, pen, creativity. In a way, they’re all interconnected. Why not treat them that way by reading our writing out loud? Or writing down what we hear like a spontaneous poem in action?

We’ll be weaving a new world in the process, all through these powerful connections.

Yet, the most powerful thing attached to our brains?

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