The Exact Opposite of Scarcity Marketing

As a form of communication, marketing has its own strategies and methods for engaging audiences. Sometimes these overlap with how we teach writing in schools, and sometimes, they don’t. And by following the trends in where these overlap, we can always deepen our understanding of our own process.

In recent years, one form of marketing has become somewhat popular. It’s called Scarcity Marketing, and you may have noticed a brand or two using it. The takeaway is to give audiences the impression that supplies are in short order… even when they aren’t.

This type of marketing got us thinking. In our writing classrooms, it’s almost the opposite. You could even call it marketing from plenty. The idea isn’t all that complex, but it’s seriously impressive: the more writing tools we help our students discover, the more they’ll feel entrusted to express their own special voice. And the more they love writing, the more they’ll write and the better they’ll become. Now, that’s an idea we can get behind.

In our writing classrooms, it’s almost the opposite.

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