3 Ways to Nurture Your Young Writers’ Confidence

For the Writing with Design team, our mission is to help support teachers in creating adept, confident writers, writers who seriously love writing. With our proven program, even the most reluctant writers are able to find their voice and begin their journey with the written word. And perhaps what excites us most is when a previously hesitant young writer finds that confidence in their own writing ability. Suddenly, they’re scribbling or typing away as fast as they can. It’s an amazing sight to see!  

And we want to ensure you have all the tools to nurture that confidence, to grow it and cultivate it. So here’s 3 ways writing teachers can do exactly that:

Give them Opportunities to Lead

Leading is probably the ultimate confidence booster. In our writing classes, giving our students the reins can take on a few different forms. Maybe you let them choose their own essay topics. Or perhaps you let them use rubrics to grade their essays themselves along with you in 1-on-1 sessions.

Praise the Specifics and Show Gratitude for Them

Recognizing your young writers is key, but be sure to focus on specific aspects of their creative or essay writing. This helps to anchor the message even more, especially when you let them know you’re thankful for their abilities.

Blog about Their Essay Writing

If you haven’t started a classroom blog, you simply must! When you do, you can showcase everything from individual passages in your students’ writing to the progress your writing class is making. And because your students know that anyone anywhere can read your class blog, they also gain confidence in seeing their essays and stories presented to the entire world.

Suddenly, they’re scribbling or typing away as fast as they can. It’s an amazing sight to see!

Know a teacher who could use Writing with Design in their class to build confident writers? Let them know about us!