What’s the Biggest Challenge? A Brief Chat with WWD’s Founder

The Writing with Design team is made up of passionate educators and writing coaches just like you. These brief chats with our founder Amber Parks are designed to give you a window into our team and our mission. Whether we’re updating our team tools or talking about the finer points of writing, we’re inviting you to come along and enjoy the journey during these brief interview sessions.

Q: For you, as the founder of Writing with Design and ScholarBound, what’s the biggest challenge and how do you tackle it? What's the biggest reward?

A: Our system is built on a foundation of proven tools and resources. But I need 24 hours in every hour and 7 days in every day to create all of the resources I want to provide to teachers right now! Every day that I'm in classrooms, I leave with a list of ideas, inspired by students, but also by the guiding question, "How can writing become more accessible, relevant, and powerful for teachers and students?" To offer these teacher and student-inspired resources to schools, the WWD team works every day on creating them and reserves a huge portion of the summer to finishing the ones remaining on the list. It’s a fabulous problem to have because it shows just how ever-present writing is and yet still can become!

Our system is built on a foundation of proven tools and resources.

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