7 Outstanding Educators You Should be Following Online

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Technology has really made it possible for educators in the 21st century to communicate with audiences like never before. At Writing with Design, we love to see teachers and principals  sharing new ideas, stories from the classroom, and photos of so many of the smiling faces of our students. Each day, we look forward to seeing these posts shared by amazing educators on our Twitter, Facebook, and blog. With that in mind, we wanted to give you some of these talented people we love interacting with on social media.


1. Sunny Days in Second Grade - @SunnyInSecond

Denise at Sunny in Second has put together a great resource of freebies and photos, and we love how the upbeat vibe she brings to everything she does. Now, we totally wish there was a little more activity over at the Twitter account, since we always look forward to those posts, but the Sunny Days blog has regular posts that will keep you happy (and your life sunny).

2. A Principal's Reflections - @E_Sheninger & @nmhs_principal

Eric Sheninger’s blog and Twitter are an oasis of reflection on education. With a multiple-perspective approach, he infuses his writing with wit, rigor, and practical skills. There’s also a healthy dose of technology that is welcome to many looking to increase their students abilities as digital citizens.

3. Kevin's Meandering Mind - @dogtrax

Book reviews, narrative arcs, Internet comics. We love, love, love Kevin’s The Wild West of Adventures of the Internet Kid, which tells stories of data security, media literacy, Google searches. There’s also plenty more to read from this 6th grade teacher, musician, and writer.

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4. Kleinspiration - @kleinerin

Erin at Kleinspiration has put together an awesome Internet presence that’s the right mix of tech, classroom ideas, and inspiration. Whether it’s posts about organization or maximizing your time as a teacher, this resource is worth checking out.

5. Darcymoore.net - @Darcy1968

One of the reasons we love this blog the most is watching Darcy’s trip through Japan. As a lover of books, he’s sharing so much about what it means to be on the road and contemplating all that life has to offer. Some of it is a little “seat of your pants,” but that only makes it even more fun for us educators as we read about the adventures.

6. HuntingEnglish - @huntingenglish

One part strategy, another debate…. HuntingEnglish highlights the complex world of motivating students, thinking hard, and using evidence-based knowledge to help our students flourish. The writing has an especially human touch to it that ends up providing insights in a fresh and even fun way.

7. Cool Cat Teacher - @coolcatteacher

And no list of educators online would be complete without Cool Cat Teacher. Without question, the regular posts at Vicki’s blog and social media accounts bring so much to the Internet. There’s tips and tricks, but most importantly, there’s that motivation that comes with the big smile that Vicki always has.


While this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s a good place to get you started if you’re just signed up for your own Twitter or Facebook account, and you’re looking to connect with other educators online. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and at our blog!




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