Essay Writing in Slow Motion

Imagine it for a second: you’re working with a young writer to help them refine their essay writing skills. During this lesson, they’ve chosen their topic and done some preliminarily research. Maybe they’re even using some of Writing with Design’s proven writing tools. In classrooms across the country, this situation happens on almost a daily basis.

Now, press your “slow motion” button for a second. What do you see?

In the moment, you can probably watch that genuine enthusiasm for writing unfolded as it comes alive in their eyes. Immediately, you get that amazing feeling that educators get when we’ve cultivated our students’ confidence and ability to tackle challenges.

Simultaneously, however, there’s even more going on, if we look in closer. For one, within your student’s mind, a litany of ideas is coming together in rapid fire to form the scaffolding of our essay. They’re not only accessing the bits of their research they recall offhand, they’re also connecting their own personal background to the information. As they assess, refocus, and reshape their ideas against this backdrop of experience, they’re also drawing on their built-up storehouse of vocabulary. Not only that, but they’re also exploring turns of phrases, the most compelling aspects of their arguments, as well as the successes of their past essay writing.

In retrospect, when we take a moment to slow it all down, we can see that essay writing is a fantastically complex process. It’s undoubtedly extraordinary, and dare we say, even electrifying with all that creative energy. It’s certainly also worth appreciating each day.

Now, hit that “play” button and let your class return to speed again. Without question, it’s going to be a wonderfully imaginative week for all of us.

Simultaneously, however, there’s even more going on, if we look in closer.

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