Appreciating Our Friendships Around the World - Creative Connections Writing Prompts

Are you ready for your first Creative Connections by Writing with Design? Then let’s go!

Contemplating Our Relationships with Friends

Today is World Thinking Day, a holiday originally started by the Girls Scouts to celebrate thinking hard about what matters most to us. Yet, this special day is being honored the world over by people from many different countries. And the theme for 2017 is growing in and appreciating our friendships.

Use the Video Link & These Writing Prompts in Your Class

From acts of kindness to our diversity, your students have the chance to think about what exemplifies a positive relationship with others.

  • Use this video link to have your students watch Kid President explore what it’s like to make new friends.
  • Grab one of the writing prompts from the Creative Connections image (or copy/paste them below) and get your students writing!
Appreciating Our Friendships - Writing Prompts

GR K-2 - Tell us about your best friend? What makes them special?

GR 3-8 - What characteristics would you add to a list about friendship? What makes these important?

GR 9-12 - What’s different about how you make friends today versus when you were younger?

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