Attending a Title I Conference, What Can You Expect?

Writing with Design at Title I Conferences

This year, our founder Amber took to the road and visited one of the outstanding Title I Conferences for educators. Really, for Writing with Design, these are a giant opportunity to promote a culture of writing in schools everywhere. And since this is our passion and our mission, we love every second of each conference.

But what if you’ve never attend a Title I Conference? What can you expect? That’s a great question! We sat down with the owner of Writing with Design to ask her what it’s like to be part of the fun. Here’s what she told us…

WWD: What is your favorite part about attending Title I Conferences as an educator, but also as a #edleader business owner?

A: Nothing is more exciting and invigorating than watching fellow educators smile and comment, "Oh this is amazing! I need this in my school! Where were you 20 years ago!?!" as they peruse the Writing with Design material.

WWD: It sounds like an excellent chance for educators to discover new tools & strategies! What was unique or different about attending this most recent Title I event as opposed to past ones?

A: This year, I loved getting to see familiar faces! WWD was adopted by several schools and districts that attended last year's conference in Houston, so it was wonderful to see these educators again after they made that happen, especially under the CA sun.

WWD: Well, it also seems like it’s a first-rate place for educators to connect with each other & with Writing with Design when we’re there!

Thanks for insight, Amber, & thank you to all the educators we’ve connected with at Title I Conferences. Stay tuned for more!