Keep Your Students Writing All Summer Long

Keep Students Writing - Writing with Design

Summertime! For teachers and students, it’s a time we all look forward to. You can recharge, refocus, and get ready to re-engage for another year.

Still, because we want to encourage our students to embrace a life of writing, we also want to encourage them to continue into the summer. But how do you motivate them to write, write, write when school isn’t in session? These tips from the Writing with Design team!

  • Set up personal blogs with them and tell them you’ll continue to follow theirs all summer.
  • Present them with bullet journals and ask them to document their summer adventures.
  • Connect them to a local creative writing group, where they can meet fellow writers.
  • Send them an exciting weekly writing prompt by email and ask them to share their work.

What’s your favorite tip for inspiring a lifelong passion for writing in your students?