Spreading a Culture of Writing at #SCATA 2017


Stop for a moment and imagine the possibilities. What would happen if students in an entire school or even an entire school district were passionately writing across the curriculum? What would that look like? Would you know it when you saw it?

This week, our founder Amber & members of the Writing with Design team are busy at #SCATA 2017. And throughout the event, we're sharing everything involved in exactly how to spread a culture of writing across the globe. It goes something like this:

For too long, writing in the classroom has been plagued by length, length, length. You've probably heard this question at least once or twice: "but how long does it have to be?" Instead, Writing with Design provides students and teachers with all the tools they need to develop quality writing that fosters a student's unique voice, creates confidence, and gets them writing, writing, writing. 

It's one part teacher, one part student, and a giant scoop of creativity, purpose, and togetherness.