Where Should Your Students Begin?

Where to Begin Writing - Writing with Design

On their journey to becoming proficient and confident writers, your students experience many different moments that impact how they see themselves. One that happens to many new student writers goes something like this: they’re handed a blank sheet of paper and the directions, “Write.”

How can that possibly make them feel as writers?

In many cases, they’re going to feel overwhelmed. What are they supposed to write about? Where do they start?

With Writing with Design, we encourage teachers to provide students with just a couple choices. Sometimes it’s simply two pictures or maybe it’s two choices such as ‘Would you rather have to wear clown shoes or a clown nose all day?’

By giving students only a couple of choices to pull from, it not only allows them to have a more solid place to begin, it also allows you, as the teacher, to not feel overwhelmed too! Instead of getting 27 different topics for every assignment, you’ll get 2 or 3 that you can grade much easier!

How can that possibly make them feel as writers?

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