Who’s Really an Influencer in Education?

Title I Conference - Writing with Design.jpg

Influencers. Thought leaders. Disrupters.

If you’ve spent much time on social media, you’ve learned that these 3 terms carry a bit of weight to them. In fact, so many people are constantly trying to attain these coveted titles or hook up with personalities who already have them.

But who really is an influencer in education?

Throughout the year, our staff at Writing with Design looks forward to a number of conferences. And the annual Title I Conference in Philadelphia was no different. Our founder and director Amber Parks was truly engaging during her time speaking. And during the event, she personally met with numerous educators from across the country, everyday teachers and administrators who are changing the lives of young people one conversation and lesson at a time.

As her team, we’re monumentally proud of her and of all you educators out there. Really, each of us is an influencer, a thought leader, and even a possible disrupter in our own school. That’s the beauty of education.