2 Digital Tools to Bring Your Students Current Events & More

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As we teach the writing process, we also want to be able to bring our students current events, as well as access to trends in science, technology, art, and more. After all, being able to regularly read about what’s going on in the world, and from trusted sources, also allows them to have more ideas at their fingertips. This in turn leads to more citations in those essays, arguments made stronger by real-world examples, and a connection to everyday life. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well, these 2 digital tools can make it happen.

Digitally Bringing Your Students Current Events

  • Google News - If you have yet to use Google News, it’s a pretty handy tool. On the site, curated and trending news is brought to you from a variety of categories. You can even customize it further to include different regions and focuses. Best of all, when you select an article, Google recommends more on the same topic from other sources.
  • Feedly - If you subscribe to a blog, chances are you do so using RSS. Without getting all fancy or technical, RSS is the standard the delivers the articles for you. And Feedly is one outstanding RSS reader for subscribing to blogs. What we love best about Feedly is that you can also easily seek out new sources that they’ve lined up for you.

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