2 Excellent Poetry Apps for Your Students

Poetry apps for students - Writing with Design

In today's world, it seems like there's an app for just about everything. Why shouldn't there be a few for reading poetry? Even better, what if these apps could help your students write poetry? Well, we have some news that you're going to simply love... 

In addition to inspiring teachers and students everywhere to cultivate a culture of writing in their schools, we always have our hear to the ground for cool writing apps. So when we found these 2 poetry apps for National Poetry Month, we knew we had to share them with you. We also love that you can download them for both iPhone and Android devices.

Poetry Apps for iPhone and Android

  • POETRY - From the Poetry Foundation itself, this app rocks. With it, you can search countless poems and even share them. It's also pretty amazing that you can shake the app and get a new poem! Android | iPhone
  • HaikuJAM - With a name like HaikuJAM, you know you're in for a ton of fun. With this app, students write their own haikus and then share them with the world. They can also read the haikus of people everywhere. Pretty sweet! Android | iPhone

Do you have a writing app that you can't get enough of? Tell us about it in the comments, so we can share it with everyone!