Announcing 2 New & Exciting WWD Initiatives to Support Our Educators

Lisa's Legacy Award - Writing with Design

Because Writing with Design is composed of educators and writing coaches just like you, we know very well how support can make all the difference in a classroom. Whether it’s the encouragement that a brand-new teacher might need the first year or writing resources that help you craft thought-provoking lesson plans, the idea is the same… as educators, we’re all in this together to make a real difference in the lives of our students.

Creative Writing Connections - Writing with Design

And to make that happen even more, our team is announcing 2 new initiatives just for all of you. The 1st is perfect for getting your students writing each month. We call it Creative Connections by Writing with Design, and it’s designed to arm you with mind-expanding prompts that get your students writing, but with an important distinction. Like with our regular writing contest, these prompts are just right for connecting your students with all sorts of interesting subjects, from anthropology to politics.

With the 2nd initiative, we know you’ll be as uplifted as we are here at Writing with Design. This month, we’re launching Lisa’s Legacy in Literature Award, an honor that we’ll bestow on one lucky educator who takes education to the next level. Created to celebrate the life of one seriously amazing educator Lisa Lizak, it’s a distinction that will shine a huge spotlight on you and your effort to make that difference we were talking about early.

You’re probably just as excited as we are to hear about these, and at Writing with Design, we’re just getting warmed up!