Teaching Writing in Your Class with Student Writing Mentors

Teaching essay writing - Writing with Design

If you have yet to try writing mentors, you’re in for a real treat. Along with your Writing with Design resources, when you use writing mentors, you’re setting the stage for a whole new writing experience in your classroom. And it’s as easy as setting up some guidelines and pairing students off together. But the proof is right in the results and the benefits to you and your students. Let’s take a look…

Building Your Class Writing Culture

Together with your Writing with Design materials, you’ll be changing gears in teaching writers of all ages. You’ll be going from regular essay writing to a robust culture centered around the written word.

Custom, Learner-based Advice

What works for one student during the writing process might not work the same for another. This fact is especially true for discovering your writing voice. Yet, by using writing mentors, you’ll find that your students share essay-by-essay tips and advice with each other that’s absolutely priceless.

More One-on-One time for Your Writing Students

And really, let’s face it: you can’t be everywhere at once. But, when you add student writing mentors to your writing classroom, you’re able to better circulate and laser in on students who need extra attention. At the same time, your writing mentors are still providing one-to-one learning opportunities for your students.

But the proof is right in the results and the benefits to you and your students.

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