Your February Writing Contest Has Arrived!

For many of you, you’re already joining in on all the fun our monthly writing contests have to offer. Armed with excellent prompts that are relevant right now, you’ve inspired your writing class with every single contest. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you and your students have a chance to win some cash for your class at the same time.

And with each month, we’re seeing students, teachers, and schools get engaged, and very much so on our Facebook. But this month, we wanted to especially highlight this month’s contest prompts. After all, so many of our writing students (and really, students of all subjects) have been asking some extremely important questions about how we all fit together in our big world.

With that in mind, we’re bringing you February’s writing contest from an angle that’s perfect for students of all backgrounds. Each prompt is designed to help them explore, reflect, and grow in their understanding of themselves and others. Most of all… don’t forget to send your student’s entries before 2/24!