3 Ways to Revolutionize Your Writing Class for Creativity

Writing Class for Creativity photo by nnenn - Writing with Design

If you’re on the hunt for creativity for your class, you’ve come to the right place! Really, any of our ideas today can be used in any class, so feel free to mix and match. Or even use all of them. Of course, they’ll all work with Writing with Design’s proven system of creating adept writers!

Indulge your students’ audible senses

In our schools, we should definitely spend a little more time stimulating our students’ audible senses. Well, beyond hearing a lecture anyway. By bringing in music to your classroom, you’re opening up their world to using all their senses when they write.  

Feed their sense of wonder and curiosity

Most of our students have a natural curiosity about things, which makes perfect sense. As we teach them, we’re exposing them to a whole lot of new aspects of the world. One phenomenal way to encourage creativity is to feed that sense of wonder whenever you see it, no matter what. For example, are they showing an interest in video games? Let them explore the storytelling in popular games. This allows you to build on their creative momentum and tie it back into their writing habits.

Re-image your space as an entirely different world

Who says your classroom has to look like… well, a classroom. While you may need some permission (depending on your own creativity), boost your students’ creativity by taking them to an entirely different world. Add fish tanks and dim the lights. Include a funky-looking mannequin dressed for a Hawaiian luau. You could even have them paint scenes from their favorite poems and stories right on the wall! Either way, you’ll find that this is a world-class way of putting creativity front and center.

But we’d love to hear what ideas you have for turning your classroom into a showcase for creativity. Leave us a comment or connect with us on Facebook!