The View from The Eiffel Tower - Travel Writing Prompts

In our new, globally-connected world, it’s entirely possible for you to take your class to Istanbul one day and London the next. You can show them all the amazing flora at the United States Botanical Garden and then whisk them off to the Great Wall of China. While we’ve always been able to teach them about these places and many more, now, like never before, we’re able to take them on virtual field trips that expand the mind and their cultural knowledge.

Heading Off to Paris and Beyond with Travel Writing Prompts

Today, with the anniversary of the Eiffel Tower opening, we had to get you some travel writing prompts that explored the theme of global landmarks. For our Writing with Design Creative Connections, we’re bringing you 3 prompts and 2 video links.

But instead of going with videos that merely stated facts about the Eiffel Tower and left it at that, we thought it would be a bit more fun and engaging for your students to go to the top of the tower itself. Each link has some stunning views that are sure to get them thinking about how travel and cultural play an important role in how we experience the world.

Creative Connections Writing Prompts & Links

What’s at the top of the Eiffel Tower? -

The top floor of the Eiffel Tower -

Grab a prompt for your class (or two) for your class and get them writing!