4 ELA- & ESL-Related Hashtags to Get You Started on Twitter

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If you haven't had a chance to visit us on Twitter yet, you're going to be pretty amazed. What could be so magical and special that you simply must see it? Well... all of you! That's right... the education community on Twitter is full of tips, resources, insights, and more. The best part is, with these 4 ELA- and ESL-related hashtags, you can connect with educators just like yourself.  


What started out as a Twitter live chat has become a regular feature in the Twitter education community. At this one, you'll find videos, articles, and discussion about literature, essay writing, and more. 


A little less traveled than #engchat, this hashtag still sees a fair amount of use. But you'll still find a range of articles to enjoy. There's also regular posting by teachers, sharing their fun classroom moments.  


This live Twitter chat is probably one of the most popular in the ELA and ESL communities online. Once a week, secondary educators get together to answer questions, share their ideas, and tweet, tweet, tweet! 


And changing it up a bit, #langchat brings together a diverse mix of users who are interested in language. You'll get everything from linguistics to ELA, foreign language learning to literacy. 

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