4 Tips for Spreading a Culture of Writing at Your School

Spreading a culture of writing - Writing with Design

One of the foundational values for the Writing with Design team is pretty simple, but totally huge. When it comes to teaching young writers in your school… doesn’t it make sense to foster an entire culture of writing at your school?

Imagine it: students sharing their poetry together in spoken-word sessions, hip-hop lyric writers incorporating Shakespeare into their songs, and students writing passionate essays about… well, everything. From today’s political activism to cutting-edge technology discoveries—no topic will be off limits. So how do you make it happen? Here’s 4 tips:

  • Walk across the hall! By pairing up with your fellow teachers, you’re bringing in science, math, psychology and so much more.
  • Meet with your students for 1-on-1 conferences to discuss what excites them. Then let them explore those topics in their writing!
  • ·Understand, that today, communication is rapidly changing. Look to how you can incorporate your school’s social media into your writing class. You can even start a student-run school blog!
  • Grab tools that allow you to self-publish your students’ work in your classroom. Then get with your school librarian to create a local, school authors section in your library.

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