Even More Tips on Encouraging Confidence in Your Young Writers

Encouraging Confidence in Young Writers - Writing with Design

Confidence is a huge part of writing, especially for the young writers in your class. And as you can see by our student testimonials, the Writing with Design program places a huge emphasis on fostering that confidence for each of your students.

Well, today, our team is bringing you some more of the tips you need to boost confidence and get those students writing! This way, not only will they have the tools they need with WWD, together we’ll also be spreading a culture of writing where every student has a voice that can be heard loud and clear.

Highlight Specific Success

When you celebrate your students’ writing, you’re showing them that their voices matter. While general praise is good, highlighting specific aspects where they succeeded provides a better connection. It can be how a story of theirs touched you or the particular way they worded an argument. Either way, you’re showing that the little details are important in your classroom.

Write, Write, Write

This one might seem a little obvious, but we can’t stress enough how every day writing can benefit your students’ confidence levels. Need an extra writing prompt or two right now? Check out our monthly writing contest!

Share the Struggles of Famous Writers

Over on our WWD Facebook page, we shared an interesting video for teachers. In it, billion-dollar writer J.K. Rowling shares her personal doubts about being a writer and how she overcame them. But really, it puts the writing process into perspective for everyone if even this highly successful writer can have doubts. While the video is a bit dry, it might make an excellent resource for older writers. And we’ll continue to share more of these for younger writers as well.