Don’t Have Them Write a Single Word!

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At Writing with Design, we’re dedicated to fostering the talent of young writers and encouraging our students to write often, not only because it's a fun and engaging exercise but also because practice is how we find our creative voice. No great author emerges on accident, there is no magic lightning rod for genius. Excellent writing is a learned skill, a skill that any student can harness the power from!

Becoming a Better Writer by Learning How to Not Write First

What we want to suggest, however, before any writing assignment, before you nail down that perfect introductory remark, is to stop! Resist! Hold back! Instead of having your students write their piece, tell them, “Don't put anything down yet!”  Could a single sentence spell doom for the many that will follow?

The answer is yes! Of course, this is a bit of hyperbole, right? How could it be that the act of writing could crush your essay? It may sound serious, but the point remains: your students will benefit when they plan their essay first before they write at all.

Instead turn to the Writing with Design Mind Designs. This way, your students have a chance to explore, arrange, and organize their ideas before they ever even start. After seeing how writing is a process, they’ll latch onto how they explore their thoughts in written form!