3 Video Prompt Resources for a Season of Giving

Giving Tuesday by yainea - Writing with Design.jpg

At Writing with Design, we're always on the hunt for new resources we can bring teachers for writing in their classrooms. And during the winter season, writing prompts involving the act of giving can be a powerful motivator for reflection with your students. Of course, video resources are a big help too. 🙂 

So, without further ado, our staff put together this quick list of 3 video prompt resources for your writing class during a season of giving! 

Teacher Gives Compliments to His Students 

How can giving each other regular support change our lives and our communities? Write about all the people you know and their amazing qualities. Include what makes these qualities so special! 

Celebrating Giving Tuesday 

Why is it important for us to celebrate giving? Explore the reasons why we should recognize giving as a regular activity in our lives. 

An Act of Kindness from a Stranger 

Tell a story about a time when you helped someone who you had just met or who you didn't know very well. How did it feel to make that connection with them through an act of kindness? 

Are you always on the hunt for extra writing prompts too? The Writing with Design program is filled with resources and prompts that are perfect for your classroom!