Honoring Educators with the 2018 Lisa’s Award Winners

Amber presenting the 2018 Lisa's Award.png

You may have noticed that at Writing with Design, we love to celebrate our educators. Whether they’re teaching the art of the essay in Oklahoma or connecting the stories of elementary students in Wisconsin, you’re the reason WWD exists.

And for our staff, it’s especially important to recognize your accomplishments in your classroom and your school. And that’s why we’re incredibly proud to announce the winners of our annual Lisa’s Legacy Award.

This year, we have numerous nominations that truly touched us. In your schools and communities, you’re making an impact that is huge. Building strong relationships with your students, teaching them critical thinking and writing skills, and lifting up their voices to be heard. That’s amazing!

Amber with Award Winners.png

And for our 2018 education award, we were so impressed that we’ve selected two—yes, two!—educators for Lisa’s Award. And those two educators are…

Check out our founder Amber celebrating these two remarkable educators in their school last week: congratulations to Cat Watson and Dottie McGrady of Oakbrook Elementary!