How Many Types of Writing are There? You’d be Surprised!

Types of Writing - Writing with Design.png

Fairy tales, fantasies, folktales, fables.

Okay, we’ve added those first 4 to our list of writing types. Even though they’re somewhat similar, they all come with their own elements. And young writers are faced with new challenges for each one.

But how many more types of writing can you name?

Personal, persuasive, comparative, classifying.

There’s 4 more to add to our list. And recently, we saw how there are, in fact, 33 types of recognized writing types. That’s a whole lot of writing techniques for our students to learn!

Realistic, imaginative, summarizing, describing.

But let’s pause to get an idea why Writing with Design takes a different approach. You see, in many writing programs, you’ll get to cover the main 3: informational, narrative, and opinion/argumentative. Yet, in the Writing with Design program, we’ve included all 33 types in our 3 domains of writing.

What does this integration mean? It means that your students get a rich curriculum that spirals through the grades, building well-rounded, college- and career-ready writers. And we love that!