How to Find the Best #edtech for Your Class or School, 1st Steps

Best #edtech for your school or class - Writing with Design

Whether you follow the the #edtechtimes on Twitter or you have the #edtech Magazine as your homepage, you’ve probably noticed how big the trend is becoming. And in the 21st Century, it makes perfect sense for teachers and principals to consider how technology can play a role in their classrooms and schools.

But as educators, you’re probably also casting a critical eye to any tool you use to ensure it’s working for you and your students.  As an #edtech company ourselves, Writing with Design knows how important it is to provide educators with the tech tools they need to get the job done. At the same time, we’re also bringing you the tips you need to choose which piece of software or which latest app is right for you and your students.

Write out what challenges you’d like your #edtech to address

It’s essential to understand what needs your #edtech will be addressing in the classroom. For example, for Writing with Design, our #edtech helps teachers create articulate, adept, and analytical young writers of any grade level.

Research all the different options that are available to you

Typically, each type of challenge has a few contenders offering their solutions. A few different ways you can find them is by asking fellow educators, hitting the #edtech hashtag on Twitter, or browsing one of the sites we listed above.

Set your budget and compare the prices against each other

While price isn’t always the most important factor, it will definitely guide many educators in their decision. This will also help you understand how your choices stack up and whether a few extra bells and whistles are worth it.

Make a list of key questions for your #edtech

First and foremost, your top question should be about the data behind the #edtech. At Writing with Design, we’re extremely proud of the measurable results our resources provide writing teachers. But you’ll also want to ask what devices are supported, how it matches up with your teaching philosophy, and more.

Stay tuned, because we’re not done helping you choose your #edtech just yet!