Next Steps for Choosing the Best #edtech

Recently, we discovered a few of the first steps you can take in choosing #edtech for your classroom or school.

As an #edtech company ourselves, Writing with Design is always ready to help teachers and administrators see how different solutions stack up. You may be surprised to find out that even Forbes highlighted the #edtech trend!

Of course, as this trend of blending tech and teaching continues, we’ll need steps to make our final #edtech decision. But don’t worry, because we have some tips for you for this too!

Demo Your #edtech Finalists for Your Students

What better way to choose your #edtech than by giving your students a hands-on? You could even create a survey for them to take, so you can get added insight.

Ask your students to write up their thoughts

But asking students to write their thoughts is an authentic way to tap their experience. Of course, at Writing with Design, we always love to see young people sharing their ideas in written form!

Review any limitations in the #edtech

Each app or piece of software is created with a different purpose or situation in mind. Take note on what limitations may prevent you from attaining your class or school goals. This is especially true when it comes to the digital security of our young students.

Consider the company culture

With our #edtech company, you don’t have to guess: we’re a team of passionate educators and writing coaches. As a team, we celebrate our differences and come together to offer the very best tools for teaching young writers. And our foundation is built on the fact that we listen to the needs of teachers!

Make your final choice!

It can be a bit daunting to choose a final contender. But really, you can try out your #edtech for as long as is necessary. And if you think something else might fit better at a later point, you can always give that a try too!