More Insight on What to Expect at a Title I Conference

A culture of writing at Title I - Writing with Design

Last week, Writing with Design founder Amber gave us great perspective about her recent trip to a Title I Conference. She shared what it’s like to connect with fellow educators during these conferences, but also the opportunity to pick up new strategies for teaching young people.

Well, we had a few more questions to ask Amber about her trip and her talk during the conference. And we knew we just had to share her answers here with you.

WWD: What inspired you most about this Title I Conference event?

A: Whether it was a superintendent from AK or a teacher from FL, I so enjoyed getting to connect with educators from across the country. The issues that student writers face span coast to coast, which has strengthened what Writing with Design offers as more and more schools use our resources and activities.

WWD: Tell us about your conference talk and engaging with the audience. What do you enjoy most about these opportunities?

A: Being invited to speak at Title I's national conference is quite a humbling experience. I love getting to share tips and tricks that plant the seeds of powerful change about writing in schools. Teachers, parent advocates, and even superintendents came up after the session was over to share insights they gained and ask about next steps.

WWD: It certainly sounds like attending a Title I Conference is awesome for spreading that culture of writing!

Amber, thank you for answering our additional questions. And for those of you in our audience, if you’d like to schedule a conversation with Amber about how Writing with Design can transform your school writing culture, get in touch with us!