We Want You to Show Writing Grit in Your Class!

Writing Grit - Writing with Design.jpg

At Writing with Design, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of on-the-spot, no-holding-back writing in the classroom. After all, our company was founded by educators and writing coaches just like you. And we’ve seen just how enthusiastic and motivated students can get when they see the process in action, like… genuinely in action!

What does that mean? Well, our staff has a philosophy, and it goes something like this: “we want writing teachers (that’s you and me!) to model writing grit writing takes, to show the very real process involved in every piece of writing.” Let’s see what that might look like together.

  • Using your Mind Designs, plan out a writing of your own in front of your students.
  • Talk out loud as you pull together ideas! Your students should hear phrases like, “oh, no, that won’t work because of…” or “this idea can probably be strengthened, but we’ll come back to it after we…”
  • Let your students make some of the planning decisions as a group, possibly even by shouting out ideas. This gets everyone excited, while showing your students that getting to a complete essay isn’t a clean, smooth process. In fact, it’s a lot of work!

We want you to show the grit to us! Head over to our Facebook, and share your in-class photos as your students learn that writing is a process for all of us.