Doing Good in Schools with WWD Teacher Awards

When it comes to national teacher awards, you're going to love this...

As many of you know, we recently honored Michigan educator Jennifer McCollum with Lisa's Legacy in Literature Award. For the Writing with Design team, this was an unbelievable opportunity to celebrate our educators, but also to do even more good in our schools. Well, we have some seriously extraordinary photos to share with you on how this award is directly impacting students in their everyday lives.

Happy Students - Writing with Design

Our Teacher Award Helped Fund Some Big Changes!

For Jennifer, the teacher award funds provided a chance to make a few needed updates to her special needs classroom. In addition to purchasing materials, she was also able to enhance her ELA center and reading area. Take a look at how happy her students are! This photo really made all our team members smile here at Writing with Design.

Jennifer McCollum Accepts Teacher Award - Writing with Design

Writing with Design is Founded on Supporting Teachers and Students

But we also wanted to share some of Jennifer's words. Her enthusiasm is truly touching and a testament to Lisa's own passion for teaching young people. It also lets us know that Writing with Design is making a huge difference in schools everywhere. Here's what she had to say about accepting the award:

"I am so humbled and excited to have been the first recipient of the Lisa Legacy in Literature Award ."

The entire Writing with Design team wants to thank each and everyone one of you for sending in your nominations. We're looking forward to honoring another amazing educator next year with this teacher award!